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How to Race Smoother in a Simulator

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

This guide will give a brief overview on some tips for people who maybe a little unsure on how to drive a car and for some others to get up to higher speeds and quicker laps within the sims. Common mistakes & how to rectify them Accelerator and Brake Pedals

For newcomers the most common issue is the accelerator and brake pedals. People tend to push/stomp down on the accelerator pedal fully and keep it there, while with the brake is not used at all over or is either pressed/stomped down to late into a braking zone causing the car to carry on straight on and miss the turn. The green indicates the accelerator pedal, while the red is the brake. The clutch(left) is not used in the sim. How to Amend When using both the accelerator and brake pedals, you want to brake gradually while smoothly pressing the pedal down instead of stomping one of them. For example, if you are coming into a braking zone you should start to brake smoothly when the red line appears, but also lifting your foot off the accelerator pedal as you approach the turn. You want to ideally brake in a straight line otherwise the car will potentially swerve and become unstable. If you have slowed down enough, the green line will appear, you will only need to turn the wheel halfway and smoothly. A sudden sharp turning motion could spin the car out.

When you are exiting the turn, you repeat the same process of using one pedal at a time, but this time smoothly pressing the accelerator down when the green line appears and start to gain speed while relinquishing force on the brake pedal. Also remember, the steering is very sensitive, if you turn sharply and have foot down on the right throttle pedal the back end will slide side to side, and make the car feel all unstable. To control this do smaller turns on straights and ease off the throttle to gain control on the back. Pictured Example of Braking and Accelerating

From left to right this an example of how the racing line works. As you can see going into the turn it goes red indicating to slow the car down. As soon as the red lines go green, do not think to push down on the throttle straight away, let yourself coast round the corner whilst applying some throttle when needed. As soon as you exit the corner and your car is straight then applied full throttle, depending on car, you may want to gradually apply the throttle. Full Assist - Braking Assist & Steering Assist

Braking assistance automatically ensures that the car is braking and slowing so that it can make it round any corner, while also ensuring that the driver still retains primary control over the cars braking. Steering assistance tries to pull your car back to racing line, so you may feel some extra force on the wheel when your drift away from the racing line, if your in full assist mode, always try keep car on the racing line to keep car racing smooth


People usually turn the wheel too fast and or rotate the wheel too much or not enough when turning. This can cause the car to spin or not make the turn.

How to Amend

Turn the wheel smoothly and aim for a 45°-to-90°-degree angle on most tracks to make it around turns. Tracks like Monaco may require extra rotation but not too much more. Steering Assistance

Automatically ensures there is enough steering input to make it around any corner, while ensure that the driver retains control of the car’s steering.

Pictured Example of Wheel Rotation

Form left to right shows the best angles to turn the wheel at in turns with the middle one of 45° being optimum for cornering while 90 being the ideal limit so the wheel does not over rotate too much and cause the car to spin.

Assists Modes for Braking & Steering Full Assist or Partial Assist: Have the driving lines enabled. With full assist it does have some braking and steering guidance, but you still need to apply the brakes quite a bit and turn into the corner. Semi Pro & Pro: No line enabled best guidance is to brake at 150 metre boards and then each lap, brake a little later to find the limits within the braking zone.

Perception of speed – at first speed of car may feel a lot slower than you think, so on the first few corners, brake earlier

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