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April Track of the Month Hotlap Guide – Red Bull Ring (Mercedes AMG GTR)

Beginning of the lap brake at the 150 to 125 metre board and start shifting down into 3rd gear. Keep to the left side of the raised kerb when turning in and don’t run over the left kerb on exit to avoid unsettling the car.

Brake at the 150-metre board and brake in a straight line. Do not lock the brakes otherwise you will overshoot the turn, try to trail brake if you feel that you are going to overshoot the turn. Take the turn in 2nd gear remaining to the left side of the raised kerb and gently apply power so the rear of the car does not become unsettled when shifting up gears gently on exit.

Brake at the 150-metre board but brake enough so that you are in 3rd gear by the time you are under the advertising board. Same principles apply for braking as at turn 2, choose either 2nd or 3rd gear and smoothly turn in and apply power on exit gently shifting up through the gears and avoiding touching any kerb as you will most likely spin off.

At the 100 metre board brake and either take the turn in 3rd or 4th gear. Keep as close as possible to the inside kerb and if you start to drift away from the kerb, gently trail brake by lightly dabbing the brake throughout the turn as otherwise you will end up compromising your exit for the other left turn that comes up quickly.

As the next left hand turn approaches brake just before or when the kerb ends and turn into the turn as soon as possible otherwise the car will understeer as the track bends back around on the right-hand side, so it is important to keep to the left-hand side kerb like the previous turn to maximise speed on exit. Also take the turn in either 3rd or 4th gear.

As you go over the hill the turn can be a tad blind sided on approach, however as you pass the advertising billboard over the centre of the track the track dips and the right turn becomes clearer to judge. Brake at the 100-metre board, which can be seen raised on the left side barrier of the track. Begin to brake and take the turn in 4th gear carrying as much speed as possible taking a little bit of kerb on the inside to position yourself for the final turn. As the car levels out and the penultimate turn just brake before or at the 50-metre board and take the turn in 3rd or 4th gear before power down to the finish line.


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