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February Track of the Month Hotlap Guide - Spa Francorchamps (Formula A)

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

For turn 1 (La Source) break at about 100 metres or a little after while gently shifting down from the highest gear to either 2nd or 3rd before turning in at the start of the yellow tyre barrier and getting as close as possible to the inside pit barrier to get the best exit possible leading up to Eau Rogue.

To tackle Eau Rogue take a little bit of kerb on entry on the left side, but at all costs avoid touching the right side kerb on going up the hill otherwise you will most likely spin out. It is possible to take the section at full power but the car maybe unstable at the top of the hill so lifting off the throttle slightly is advised.

As you approach Les Combes at the end of the Kemmel straight break at or just after 100 metre sign where the kerb begins on the left hand side shifting down into 4th gear and gently riding the power throughout the section and getting as close as you can with the inside wheels on each kerb to maximise the speed you carry through the section.

For turn 10 brake just before the kerb starts and shift down to 3rd gear and gently coast around the turn,staying as close as possible to the inside kerb. Shift up to 4th gear on the straight before turn 11 and turn in as the kerb gets closer on the right-hand side of the car. For turn 11 get as close as possible to the inside kerb and in order gain as much speed on the run down to Pouhon.

For turn 12 (Pouhon) turn in when you see the generator box on the hill side. Lift off the throttle otherwise you will run wide. Get close to the left inside kerb but if you touch it the car will spin out so be careful still get close but avoid touching the kerb at all costs.

On the approach to turn 13, brake as the kerb begins. Shift down to 4th gear and then by getting as close as possible to the bollards on the kerbs while gliding through the section essentially retaining a consistent pace and remaining close as possible to the kerb so the exit for turn 14 (Campus) does not become compromised.

For turn 15 (Stavelot) break just before the kerb begins about a car’s length beforehand, remaining as close as possible to the inside kerb for the right hander. Apply throttle just after the final bollard for the long down Blanchimont.

Remain as close as possible to the inside line on the run down to the Bus Stop Chicane before swooping in at full power to the left for turn 18.

Brake just before the lamp post shifting down to 2nd gear to tackle probably the hardest turn on track. Clip both kerbs in the same gear before the run down to the finish line to complete the lap. Be careful not to downshift to aggressively into the turn as the car while jack knife under braking and avoid touching the sausage kerbs that will unsettle the car and undo all the hard work of the lap done.

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