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March Track of the Month Hotlap Guide - Bannochbrae Road Circuit (Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R)A

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

At the beginning of the lap theirs a little straight before the road curves a slightly to the left. As you approach the bend brake at the slow road marking or just a bit before the brown marked speed limits. Remain as close as possible to the right-hand side wall before swooping in as close as possible to the left-hand side wall. You can take the turn in 4th or 5th gear however in 5th be careful of the car being a little unstable however you can carry a little more speed into the turn.

Their will be a little straight before having to brake. Brake when you reach the red sign warning you about the bend. Again, go as wide you can before turning in and trying to remain as close as possible to the inside wall. Remain in 4th gear even though the car might feel unstable from understeer. 3rd gear will cause the car to most likely understeer and jolt while 5th will not get enough revs on exit out of the turn.

As the car levels out their will be little time to prepare for the next turn but brake at around 103 – 105mph by the telegraph pole on in the field on the right side of the road. Shift down to 3rd gear to get a little bit of extra rotation for the turn entry however it is possible to take the turn in 4th however like the previous turn and most turns on the circuit, the higher the gear the more speed carried into the turn however the car will be pretty unstable and prone to higher impact from understeer.

Take the left hand turn in full throttle or lift off the throttle a little however comfortable as one feels. Keep close to the right-hand side on entry before sweeping left before entry over the bridge.

Approaching the end of the bridge brake at the slow road marking. Try to brake in a straight line and shift down into 3rd gear before trail braking into the turn remaining as close as possible to the white line without touching the grass otherwise the car will understeer wide on exit and most likely hit the wall on the exit of turn.

Full throttle through the right-left complex before emerging on the straight.

Approaching the end of the straight, start to brake gradually as the road begins to bend. There is no specific brake marker for this turn so it can be a little difficult to gauge when to brake. However, when the rev limiter reaches the red for 5th gear at around 122mph begin to brake. Dab the brakes a little before coasting through the turn in 4th gear and when the car is straight apply fully throttle heading up the hill.

Once over the hill the road is flat out till reaching the curving left-hand turn at the end of the straight. The turns over the hill are unsighted however it is easy to stay on the road with gentle input when taking the 2 left turns.

As the yellow flowers come into view on the right side of the road begin to brake and shift down into 5th gear. Get as close as possible to the left-side white line however be careful not to carry to much speed into the as the understeer could carry the car into the fence on the right side of the track. Using 4th gear can avoid this however it will mean slower exit speeds out of the turn however it will offer more stability. Once on the small straight their will be a little straight to enable time to brake for the left hand turn on entry to the village. Brake at around the tractor, which can be seen in the field to the left. Shift down into 3rd gear and then apply full power heading down the straight into the village.

Heading down the main road into the village theirs a tiny slalom between the houses, but take it with full throttle riding over the kerbs before exiting the village.

Stay to the right side of the road before approaching a serious of bending turns. The first turn lift gently off the throttle and remain in 4th gear before getting a little reprieve before the downhill section of the track. Take the first left hand turn in 4th gear trail braking gently downhill. Once the car straightens out shift down into 3rd gear before applying full throttle while turning onto the bridge.

Once approaching the end of the bridge, prepare for another downhill section as the first drop comes up sharply. It is imperative to remain on the inside of each turn especially when going up the hill section otherwise the car will clip the hill when clearing the jump. For the jump remain close to the right side of the track when heading up the hill. When completing the jump, the left side of the road will appear and the car should land close to the edge of the hill, so its vital to get as far right when preparing for the jump.

Once landed the track begins to bend gently to the right. Once the backwards sign is in view on the right side of the track, begin to brake and shifting down into 4th gear while approaching the final bridge. Remain as close as possible to the inside wall on the right but be aware of the car under steering into the left-hand side wall of the track. Only apply full throttle once the car has straightened out.

After the small straight brake at the slow road marking taking the turn in 3rd gear to prevent under steer but remaining as close as possible to the inside white line. It is possible to take the turn in 4th gear however like other turns the higher the gear the less rotation and control heading into the turn, but with the gain of extra speed on exit of the turn. Finally head down the long straight to the finish keeping as close to the left inside barrier to cross the line.

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