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VR Simulators

Get to know us

Our chequered flag result is to provide our drivers with a unique driving experience in Virtual Reality.

We spent a lot of time looking for what would be best suited for our virtual car racing venue.

Racegrid wanted this be both a fun and serious racing venue. Allowing our customers to either have a fun race around tracks and smash into each other, or a full serious race between other serious drivers. 

Our bespoke paddock area allows you to see your laptimes and as well challenge other drivers and much more.

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Our Racing Seats

with full motion

The Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 is designed purely for customers wanting the ultimate immersion and the most realistic simulation experience available. The future of simulation is here and the Next Level Racing® Motion platform puts you on the racetrack with incredible precision, realism and immersion.


Combine the Next Level Racing® platform with any VR headset on the market for an incredible experience that is simply unbeatable.


Our Racing Wheel

with full direct drive

The Simucube Direct Drive system tries to achieve maximum realism for racing simulators. It gives you full realism of vibrations as you hit the kerbs of corners, and the feel of loss of traction when you hit the grass or gravel.

Direct Drive systems send the full signals direct to the wheel not like other wheels that are cog or belt driven. These other wheel systems tend to vibrate the whole unit which you don’t get to feel every movement of the vehicle or track when racing.

With the fanatec F1 carbon wheel, this is a F1 style which tries to give the driver more control of the steering wheel due to not being a full 900 degree one. We have set the wheel up at 450 degree lock which lets you control the cars around corners more accurately and control the cars when drifting out of a corner.


Our Racing Peadals

with vibration motors

Using Fanatec pedals gives you are a more precise feeling of the car on the track, they are a fully metal construction unit, which gives high durability and no flex when pressing down on the pedals.

The pedals have vibration motors on both throttle and brake pedal to simulate ABS and indicate locking tyres through the braking, as well as indication of rear wheel spin and oversteer through the throttle pedal.


Our VR Headsets

with high resolution

The HP Reverb Headset is ultra light compared with other headsets that also gives out superb visuals and clarity close to being like a screen.

The headset has a staggering 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye, 114° field of view, plus integrated spatial audio lets you harness the full immersive power of VR

Our Wind Effect

with direction flow

The wind effect takes your sim racing experience to a whole new level.

The power wind fans gives you a sensation of driving a real car. You can feel how quick you are going so you can better plan your braking and turning points.

When you turn, one fan slows down whilst the other turn up, so it gives you a more enhanced feeling of the speed of corners.

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