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Forces across the universe face off over a rare export that can only be found on the desert planet Dune. Duke Leto Atreides has been sent to secure it, bringing his son, Paul, who has an even bigger destiny that transcends beyond their people. Denis Villeneuve directs this sci-fi epic, based on Frank Herbert’s bestselling novel of the same name. This reimagining stars Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac.

Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) has been tasked with leaving his ocean planet, Caladan, and travelling to the treacherous desert planet of Arrakis – otherwise known as Dune. His mission? Get his hands on the universe’s most precious commodity, a spice that can unlock exceptional power. This seems a lot like a trap set by the Harkonnens but Leto decides to go anyway, taking his Bene Gesserit concubine, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), and their son, Paul (Timothée Chalamet), with him. All the while, Paul has been having strange dreams that make those around him believe he has an all-important fate. When the Atreides are betrayed, Lady Jessica and Paul turn to Dune’s native people, the Fremen, for help. With war erupting all around them over the spice, Paul believes he could realise the destiny foretold in his dreams. Golden Globe nominees Timothée Chalamet (Little Women, Lady Bird, Interstellar) and Rebecca Ferguson (Men in Black: International, The Greatest Showman) star alongside Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac (Star Wars franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse) in this bold cinematic adaptation of the first half of Frank Herbert’s highly influential novel – a sequel is planned to tell the latter half of the story. Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival), whose sci-fi work has previously earned him an Oscar nomination, sits in the director’s chair for this epic tale of intergalactic conquest.

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