Frank, the captain of an Amazonian riverboat, sees an opportunity to make a small fortune when he’s asked to transport a scientist and her brother to the fabled Tree of Life. But as they cruise through waters of the thick jungle, it becomes apparent the trio must contend with more than just fierce creatures lurking in the shadows. Inspired by the popular Disney Parks ride, this action-adventure stars Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Whitehall.

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Of all the jungle boats sailing down the Amazon, Frank’s (Dwayne Johnson) river cruise is undoubtedly the cheapest – but also famously the most thrilling. Guiding his passengers over the murky waters, he evades what he says is the dangerous wildlife and attacks from tricky local marauders.

Meanwhile, ambitious scientist Lily (Emily Blunt) has been hunting for a fabled key that unlocks the legendary healing powers of an ancient Amazonian tree. Finally discovering the historic artefact, she makes her way to the jungle in search of the mythical tree.

Despite his regular jungle cruises, Frank is struggling to balance the books. So, when the skipper meets Lily, he jumps at the chance of earning a small fortune by taking the determined explorer and her brother (Jack Whitehall) on the risky crossing upriver.



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