COVID-19 Safety

Keeping our Drivers safe at RaceGrid whilst still having afun and enjoyable time.

Our venue is COVID-19 safe and secure.

Are you worried about visiting our venue, we would like to give you some extra peace of mind when coming visit us. 

Safe to visit

We continue to follow and implement all UK government and HSE advice relating to the safe operation of non-essential retail businesses.

Our venue is classified by industry definition as an ‘arcade’. On 25/05/2020, the UK government released guidance that arcades were classified as non-essential retail businesses that are permitted to re-open to the public on 17th May 2021.

We have done our best to ensure that your safety comes first and that we keep all equipment clean after each use.

There is also plenty of room outside to keep social distance.

Corridors of the Leisure mall are on a one way system too.

Lifts are currently not in use until further notice.

Keep clean and Safe

We advise all customer to take use of our Hand Sanitising Gel before and after each use of te equipment to to give you that added protection.

We ensure that all rigs are thoroughly cleaned after each use that includes headsets, Seats and Steering wheels.

If your in the same bubble we you can sit in a POD next to you, but if your from a different group and bubble, we will ensure that there is additionaly gap to give you space.

We have advise all customers what to do when arrive. and follow a one way system to keep distancing measures.

Booking is priority, but we are excepting drop ins but there may be wait if all machines are booked. if you are dropping in please keep to social distance rules and wait till there is room to come on inside.

Entry to our venue

Entry to our venue is advised to be booked, however we are still accepting Walk-ins

Book online or call us on 01782 438437.

We do not recommend that individuals who have been highlighted as ‘at risk’ by the UK government (or are shielding at home) visit our store.
Individuals that are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, feeling generally unwell or living with someone displaying these symptoms must NOT visit our store and follow government advice.
To ensure the safety of customers and staff, we will refuse entry to any individual (or group of individuals) attending with someone that is visibly displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. We will postpone your booking for you. VR can wait – your health and everyone else’s health cannot!

Staff Safety

RaceGrid Virtual Reality Motion Racing Simulators
We’re here to help, but please try to maintain your distance from our staff members where possible.
Sneeze guard screens have been put up on our reception desk / bar area.
Our staff members will wear a mask if we have to assist a player within a 2m distance.
We ask that you comply with any direction or instruction given by any of our staff members to maintain the safety of everyone inside our venue.